terça-feira, 11 de setembro de 2007

Opening the Journal

It was our first day of training. I felt from the teachers, Andréa and Adriana, that they are not only eager to learn, but also to share everything they already know with the trainer. Good for them, good for me... That is part of the collaborative approach.
We had some problems in terms of connection, and I hope that will be solved by the day of our next meeting. Fundação Bradesco is a nice school and provides structure for the teachers to grow professionally.
Andréa and Adriana, I´m sure we will have some very positive learning moments in this training. Nice meeting you and good luck with the iEARN projects!


4 comentários:

Valda disse...

Hi Adriana and Andréa,
First of all Congratulations!!
Make sure you are one of those teachers who make a difference in our planet.

adriana disse...

After the reading of the text ,the relation with learning and practicing was more evident.I could notice that the teaching takes in consideration the student's experiences, what is very important.I could also notice really that,learn a new language ,practicing with the new technologies will propitiate a real existence of another culture and its characteristics.The student will have the possibility to link with real people of other countries that it will provoke the learning with one objetive: to communicate with the world.

Anônimo disse...

Hi Adriana and Andréa,
Congratulations for taking this course with Almerinda. I am sure you will learn and teach a lot. The experience of learning this way is really rewarding.

Best wishes.
José Antônio

Isabel Teixeira disse...

Good Lucky in this incredible journey Andrea and Adriana.