quarta-feira, 26 de setembro de 2007

On September 25th/Reflecting the process

Some comments about our last meeting. It was the second of our four sessions, and I could notice that Adriana, Andréa and I had an excellent talk about name or not name the structure when teaching English classes. I asked them what would be more important for communication: knowing the names of the verbs or knowing how to use them effectively in a real context. From this question our conversation raised and got a flow of a brainstoming. Many different suggestions of activities and something that I would call the discovery of a new and enlightening approach. Am I correct dear teachers?
I would like Andréa and Adriana to post their comments about our talk last Tuesday.
More: how the practices raised in our talk can meet the proposals of Project Based Learning and of iEARN projects.

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Valda disse...

Almerinda, Andréa and Adriana,
I´m so glad to have had such a nice morning with you last Thursday. Your enthusiasm about the meetings you´ve had so far, and the new ways of teaching made me fell delighted. If I was asked who got more excited that day, I´d say that the four of us had the same feeling of "happiness" and willingness to help our students. Isn´t that wonderful?
Best wishes,

Anônimo disse...

I am very happy to have been presented to Iearn family.My enthusiasm is pure reflex of many opportunities that were opened up in front of my eyes.To see the technology as a learning tool and connection with the world is really magic.

joseantonio disse...

Hi Adriana and Andréa,
This is really a nice way of learning. I am sure yu are having a blast with Almerinda's classes. Learning is really something good.The Iearn family is really big and full of vcreative nice members.
Best wishes

Anônimo disse...

José Antonio and Valda,
Thanks for your contributions here.
In fact, the training face to face classes are over. From now on, I´m supposed to give assistance as soon as Andréia and Adriana need.
I´m glad to know how well they took the course and to notice their enthusiasm for implementing the projects that they chose.
Cheers to everybody.

Anônimo disse...

Andréia and Adriana,
it's always worth knowing one more way of working with our students, especially an online tool. If you want to share experience, you can count on me.