quinta-feira, 22 de novembro de 2007


It´s time to give thanks!
It´s time for Thanksgiving celebration.
Let us, Side by Side, celebrate our Good Deeds!
Let´s say thanks for all Heroes
that guide us to a Special Place
called My Dream World, and
where a Teddy Bear with a Sweet Whisper
Says My Name, and Eye to eye,
tells and retells us Folk Tales.
Let´s keep on Feeding Minds and Fighting Hunger
Before we sleep and dream of Machinto suffering again.
Let´s thanks for One Day in the Life
when we get to share Our Most Prized Possession
with the Many Faces of Poverty and Homelessness.
Let´s say many thanks for all Colors of Life
and for all the Flowers,
specially the Daffodil and Tulip !
Let´s live without problems
by Talking kites all over the world.
Let´s say thanks for the Water Habitat
and preserve the Environment.
Let´s praise The Animals
and the Migration Birds that know no boundaries.
Let´s embrace the Laws of Life and
be United beyond diversity
all over this World we live in.

This is "project based poem", dedicated to all teachers who already know the effectiveness of Project Based Learning and its online possibilities through iEARN network.

Yours in friendship,
Almerinda Garibaldi

quinta-feira, 15 de novembro de 2007

Teacher Tube

Dear all,
I´ve found this incredible site of videos for teachers at iEARN website.
If you are a video freaky, take a look at it. I´m sure you will love that.


sexta-feira, 2 de novembro de 2007

Fund. Bradesco Ceilândia/CILT

Four teachers: from Fundação Bradesco de Ceilândia (Andréa) e CILT (Almerinda/Valda e Lenoir) are working with the project "Side By Side" Andréia tried to get a classroom from Miami Country Day School, but it was not possible. Almerinda and Andréia decided change the way of interacting by exchanging selected posters. I´m about finishing the posters with my students. This coming week they are going to write their profiles and closing the art work. Then, we will be ready to select the 10 best posters to exchange. I hope everything is ready by next week.
Have a nice holiday.

Wait for more picures.