sábado, 13 de outubro de 2007


To all teachers who are part of iEARN in Brazil we´d like to express our greetings for the Teacher´s Day: October 15th!

It´s time to celebrate our hard but rewarding job of transforming lives for better and forever.

Yes, because we have this magic power of changing lives every day.

The cinquain below is a five line poem dedicated to all teachers. You are invited to use this space and create a cinquain having "Teacher" as theme.


Special being

Planning, informing, forming

Outstanding professional


To create your cinquain, follow these steps:

1st Line: tittle

2nd Line: 2 words defining the tittle

3rd Line: 3 verbs in gerund form describing the activities related to the tittle

4th Line: 1 word to sum up and close the poem

Invite your students to compose a cinquain - they´re going to feel themselves real poets!

Cinquain´s idea: Mrs Violeta Tsoneva (Bulgary)

3 comentários:

Anônimo disse...

Hi, dear Almerinda
Thanks for the beautiful words.You know how difficult is to be a teacher in Brazil but, it is very reward. I'm so happy with the beginning of the holiday cards projects.My students are so motivated that I can't believe.

Anônimo disse...

It´s very nice to hear from you.
And better to know that you are already working with the Christmas Cards project. I´m anxious to see the results!
You are right! Being a teacher in Brazil is about facing challenges every day. That´s why we deserve all greetings in our date.
Happy teacher´s Day! Send my hugs to Andréia too.

Ismail disse...

Dear Almerinda,

Congratulations on your new blog. It seems like a good space for learning and exchanging resources. Wish you all the best.